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In 2010 a local drug store blood pressure test indicated high readings. My doctor prescribed the DASH Diet. Within 2 weeks my blood pressure had dropped to normal.

The DASH Diet works, however, maintaining the DASH effectively can get detailed. So I developed MyDASHDiet, so that others who are on the DASH Diet have a convenient tool to help them manage their DASH Diet eating plan. With MyDASHDiet you can:

  • Apply the DASH Diet using your own specific caloric profile
  • Set your own Sodium Reduction strategy to achieve maximum blood pressure reduction benefit
  • Track all your daily recommended DASH servings and keep a history of your food intake
  • View a daily summary of your consumed nutrition to help guide future food choices
  • Monitor nutrients important to the DASH diet such as sodium and fat
  • Utilize a Default Servings Library providing recommended servings for the most common foods, with a real nutrition facts label
  • Create and manage your own library of food Servings
  • Use the simple "Quick Add" feature to add multiple servings for on-the-go tracking
  • Utilize a handy serving calculator to facilitate quick modification for reduced or oversized servings
  • Utilize resources that provide links to online nutrition lookups tools. (requires Internet)
  • Track and record blood pressure readings to gauge your progress
  • Enjoy the built in DASH Diet Reference to learn all about effective DASH Diet eating
Eat Right and Lower your Blood Pressure with MyDASHDiet!
Available on App Store
Requires iOS 4.3+

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